Morski Vestnik
is a biweekly edition of the Morski Svyat Publishing House  - Varna about maritime policy, business and culture. The advance copy of the newspaper was issued in August 1994 in connection with the National Week of the Sea. Its regular publication started in January 1995 with Chief Editor  Dimitar Klissurov first and then Atanas Panayotov since issue No7 (127) April 2000 todate. Until July 2000 issue No14 (134) the fortnightly paper was a two colour edition and thereafter – multicoloured. Its circulation varies between 1 100 and 2 300 copies with a volume of 14 to 24 pages printed on the press of Bryag Print, Varna Print and Тechnoengineering АBC - Ltd  Varna.  Morski Vestnik is circulated throughout the country. Agents for Navibulgar and Bulgarian shipping and manning companies and such as represented in Bulgaria provide it for all Bulgarian flagged merchant ships and for most vessels flying some foreign flag primarily manned by Bulgarian marine officers. Basic topics of the publications address the problems of marine industry development: shipping, ports, shipbuilding, shiprepair, training, fishing, environmental protection etc. both worldwide or covering regional or national issues. The newspaper is also concerned with maritime history, maritime aspects of national security, presents recent maritime publications, surveys achievements in marine sports. As a media partner Morski vestnik assists Bulgarian public and branch maritime  organizations in their activities, and the Black Sea Region Association of Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers (BRASS) with a place of business in Varna.

Morski Svyat Publishing House
Morski Svyat Publishing House was established on 4th December 1992 in Varna as an independent legal unity (Ltd) based upon a Company Contract, signed between Navigation Maritime Bulgare, Varna Port, Odessos Shiprepairing Yard SA, Burgas Port and the Shipbuilding Institute. Prior to the court registration the Shipbuilding Institute withdrew  and Navigation Maritime Bulgare took over its share. Later on Burgas Port dropped off as a partner its position being assumed by Port Fleet-99 Ltd.  In September 2007 that company also dropped off  partnership. Since 2006 Varna Shipping and Trading has also been a partner.The publishing House first Manager was Dimitar Klissurov and since 31 March 2000 the Company has been managed by Atanas Panayotov.The basic activity of Morski Svyat Publishing House Ltd consists of publishing Morski Vestnik – a biweekly for maritime policy, business and culture and publishing books dealing with maritime topics.      
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